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Family History

Researching your Family Tree

Doors to the Past is a genealogical research company near Atlanta, Georgia.

I research your family tree and provide information in the form of charts, graphics, booklets and a flash drive of the pertinent documents relating to your ancestors. In addition, I can guide you in understanding your DNA results taken for genealogical purposes.

I offer four packages or levels of research that are based on how far back in your history you would like to trace your family tree, the addition of DNA matches, and the production of wall charts and graphics. I also offer customized research at an hourly fee.

Your genealogical research may be conducted completely by email communication with me and/or by visiting my office.

Research Projects

Although I specialize in some areas of genealogical research, I will research any family tree. The more ancestral stories and photographs you share with me, the richer your genealogical project will be become. As a professor and researcher, I use multiple tools of discovery and attach them to historical information in the lives of your ancestors. Additionally, I will interpret your DNA results in reference to your tree.


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I specialize in the genealogy of Spanish families, especially Puerto Rico and Spain. I am also interested in families from Corsica, Italy, France, Portugal, and Central and South American countries.

Additionally, I am able to translate documents in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Corsican and Latin.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to help you discover the names and stories of your ancestry. The quest to uncover your ancestors may leave you a little bit changed. The story that you tell about yourself is influenced by the journeys of your ancestors. You always have a link to history!

Dr. Hanna

Me especializo en el estudio de La Genealogía de Familias Españolas e Hispanoamericanas.

Investigo los Registros Demográficos y Bautismales de su Familia para confeccionarle su Árbol Genealógico. Si usted lo requiere puedo complementar su Árbol Familiar bellamente con mapas, gráficas y documentos pertinentes a su linaje y ascendencia.

Brindo Asesoría para ayudarlo a comprender como puede usar los resultados de su examen de ADN para propósitos genealógicos.

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